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I was born in 1985 and grew up in Dobrichovice, a beautiful small town near Prague, Czech Republic. Our house has always been filled with books, and I was thrilled to read everything I could get my hands on. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I engaged in many creative and artistic activities such as music, painting or handicraft, without knowing where life would lead me. Just before my thirtieth birthday, it occurred to me - I want to be a WRITER. In the beginning, it was an undeveloped idea which I didn’t know how to bring about. But as soon as I gave it some space, it began to sprout and grow until voilà - my first book is in the world.


The heroines of my books are women and girls looking for their place under the sun, their way of life. Sometimes with difficulty and struggle, but always with humor, optimism, and hope, they overcome life's troubles and distress. And because I love romance and happy endings, you can be sure to always find those in my books. 


During my travels to Japan, I was captivated by the charm of that beautiful country, and therefore it’s not surprising that my first novel, TOKYO STORY, takes place there.


I currently live in Prague with my husband, two amazing kids, and a cat.